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NPR: Rich town manages to stay afloat in the recession

NPR Story of the Day totally pissed me off.

Redondo Beach says: No probs recession!

It’s basically about the little town that could - how the awesome fiscally conservative mayor of a small California town is beating the odds and making it through the recession. 

Except this town is Redondo Beach, CA where the median income (2009) is $95,000 (18% of households make over $200,000) and the median home price (2009) is $732,500.  Nearly 50% of people over the age of 25 are college graduates.  I already know that rich educated people are going to make it through the economic downturn fine and they are probably going to bring their cities with them.  Can’t we hear more stories about Detriot?  Or something uplifting about kittens?

Note: data from city-data.com

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